Meet Sharon - Crave Custom Wedding Cakes

A little about me and my bakery...  A few years ago my amazingly funny friend and I were on the hunt for a new hobby.   Something to allow us a bit of relaxation tossed with a lot of laughter. On a whim, we decided to sign up for a decorating class. We kicked back, decorated, created and I was hooked! 

I fell in love with baking and stumbled into an artistic outlet that allowed me to get lost in bowls of sugar– every girls dream! The more I baked and designed, the more I was receiving requests for birthdays, showers, and weddings! My little hobby had turned into something I loved and could spend the rest of my life doing. Each project led to a new technique, a new vision, a new creation.

I never set out to start a new career, it just happened to fall in my lap and, truly, that is the best way great things take shape. My love for meeting new people and dabbling in the world of art is a perfect combination. 


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